Is it healthy to drink tea every morning?

Is it healthy to drink tea every morning?

I am sure that many of us, despite being tea lovers and all its varieties and aromas, are not entirely aware of what the properties of tea are, what exactly this drink is, and what its origin is.

If you are one of those that have put aside coffee, teas will be your allies to start the morning on a good basis.

We are talking about the properties of a few that will fit you perfectly if you take them regularly.

Starting the day with a full breakfast will give us enough energy and optimism to answer the order of the day.

I recommend to accompany your own with the best herbal tea for the morning energy.

Tea is an excellent drink for every hour of the day for its relaxing and at the same time stimulating properties.

Nature can decrease the heaviness and activate the nervous system and therefore give us this spark to start the day.

Many recommend accompanying the breakfast with a good cup of tea.

There is a popular belief that tea is used only to unwind and sleep at night.

But it can also be a great ally for mornings as a breakfast companion to recharge the necessary energy that will be spent in the day.

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Recommendations for a healthy morning tea.

Wakefulness is the first and most challenging stage of the day.

Coffee is often the first answer to overcome physical tiredness in the morning, although this is not the healthiest.

Beginning the day with a complete breakfast is essential to take care of our health.

But also to be strong enough to expand our day.

To the products mentioned for an ideal breakfast, you can also add a bit of turkey or Serrano ham, cottage cheese, quince, or natural fruit jams.

And, of course, we won’t have to forget a drink that will help get our day off to a great start.

Avoid excess dairy products, white sugar or saturated fats such as sausages, margarines or others.

They affect the cardiovascular functioning of your body. Limit consumption of refined carbohydrates, i.e. White bread, baked goods, cereals or foods containing many chemical aggregates.

Opting for most kinds is preferable in the long run, because we avoid digestive problems, constipation and increased appetite.

Try not to use extra salt, in order to achieve a balanced diet, it is necessary.

That It has fiber, carbs, proteins and fats in a balanced measure. Oats are a very good choice to include fiber.

It is important to remember that we should avoid skipping breakfast since it influences physical and mental performance.

Provides energy by regulating the amount of appetite during the rest of the day, also considerably improves your mood.

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Is it healthy to drink tea every morning?

Yes of course. Tea is the perfect ally of breakfast and morning.

Numerous studies have confirmed that a cup of tea in the morning gives you more energy than a cup of coffee.

In addition to having multiple benefits for your health.

You have no excuse anymore. Do it for your health, and start the day with a good cup of tea!


The mint leaf is rich in vitamin C, vitamin A, iron and calcium, nutrients which will allow you to begin the day with strength and encouragement.

At the infusion you can add orange juice and ice cubes, so you will get a fresh drink to start the day. One of my favorite morning teas.

Oolong Tea.

It is a softer tea for having less amount of theine, just as the previous ones have its healthy properties, its aroma is very characteristic so it is better to consume it as natural as possible.

Without a doubt, this is a great option for breakfast after a night with a hearty dinner with friends, and even with some drinks.

Green Tea.

Although it contains slightly less theine it is still a good option because it is diuretic, improves circulation, and has high antioxidant content, in addition to strengthening the immune system.

Black Tea.

It is a perfect stimulant because of the amount of theine it possesses, it is very strong, so it activates the mind in those hours of the morning, it is also digestive and controls cholesterol.

It’s a great choice for the first hours of the morning.

Rosemary Tea.

Rosemary seeds are able to stimulate the nervous and blood system by supplying the body with active oils.

Its infusion is able to increase blood supply to the brain, enhancing the ability to concentrate and remedy fatigue.

Ginseng Tea.

Ginseng is one of the most recognized natural energizers; its root contains plenty of amino acids, vitamins and minerals, which will give you a significant amount of energy.

The infusion of its root or a teaspoon of ginseng powder will be sufficient to overcome physical and mental fatigue.

Chai Tea.

It is recommended to increase concentration capacity, being ideal in the morning for students, or anyone who has to develop their intellectual capacities extensively.

It is worth mentioning that it is a very good stimulant with a pronounced taste and is also a good accelerator of the digestive process.

Yerba maté Tea.

Far more challenging than coffee,

Yerba mate is a great source of vitamins and minerals, such as vitamin C, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, iron, potassium and manganese.

Its taste is a bit bitter because of its antioxidant content, so it is generally taken with some sugar.

Red Tea.

Its special feature is to improve the mood, producing a good mood that you can maintain for the rest of the day.

This combined with its stimulating power is a very good feeling of energy perfect to start the day.

Earl Grey Breakfast Tea.

It can provide a boost of energy at the beginning of the day, but it is still soft enough to work as a relaxing beverage at the end of the night.

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The benefits of having tea for breakfast.

Tea is a plant which offers countless health benefits.

Now, what specific effects can we point out when choosing a cup of tea at breakfast or throughout the morning?

It helps enhance the process of digestion.

They supply teine, which is a stimulating substance for the body.

Decreases stress hormone levels.

It decreases the amount of appetite throughout the day.

Contraindications when drinking tea

Drinking tea in the morning is certainly healthy. But the question is, can you drink tea at night?

Both black tea and green tea are not recommended at night.

This is due to the amount of theine present in them. This makes it a bit difficult for us to sleep.

There are infusions that manage to relax our body at bedtime. As are the infusions of linden, lemon balm or rosemary.

In this case we could say that drinking tea at night is good. Since it allows us to calm our mind and be able to fall asleep.

Moreover, tea consumption is not recommended during pregnancy.

Not even during breastfeeding. This is due to the stimulation that occurs in the uterus and in babies.

This is not to say that you can never take it. But you do have to be careful.

Tea is like everything, it cannot be taken in excess. It is recommended to take two or three cups maximum a day.

And Always depending on what kind of tea.

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