The best appetite suppressant teas that work.

The best appetite suppressant teas that work.

Nature offers us countless herbal teas that help improve our well-being and many of them contribute to suppress appetite.

In this post we will give you a few good options of herbs that will delay the speed of gastric emptying and prolongs the feeling of satiety.

It also minimizes the accumulation of lactic acid in the muscles which allows to maintain high energy levels and increase fat burning.

You know, how to curb hunger? Surely each person has their tricks to try to deceive the stomach, and especially the brain.

But another thing is that they are effective since it is very easy to fall into temptation and surrender to the amount of impulse we receive at all hours.

If you’re on the healthy path to weight loss and looking for options in your diet to reduce hunger there are appetite suppressant teas with plenty of nutrients that satiate you.

These teas are not only supposed to help you burn belly fat, but also speed up the metabolism, which helps more to lose weight in general.
According to many scientific studies, the consumption of these teas actually helps reduce appetite and cravings that prevent you from packing on the calories.

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How to manage appetite?

Appetite control is critical to preventing excess weight and obesity.

And, for this, it is essential to get used to the signals sent by the body, before, during and after the act of eating.

Both the satisfaction that induces to stop eating and the satiety that inhibits the feeling of hunger between the intakes are responses mediated by different factors.

They can be managed to achieve a more effective satisfaction and satiety from the point of view of optimizing and adjusting the intakes.

Swallowing is not the same as the pleasure of eating.

Picking is not the same as an adequate distribution of intakes with a consumption pattern that allows adjusting the hunger and satiety.

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Using Plants for Weight Loss.

Phytotherapy is a complementary aid in cases of overweight that is very useful along with dietary-behavioral measures such as caloric restriction, modification of eating habits, regular exercise practice and psychological support therapy among others.

In fact, pharmaceutical preparations based on medicinal plants for overweight, either in the form of medicines or food supplements, have demonstrated clinical efficacy, obtaining beneficial results in gradual and sustained weight loss.

Medicinal plants can help us with weight loss by acting at different levels.

Herbs that act producing the following effects:

  • Appetite inhibition.
  • Decreased absorption and satiating plants.
  • Increased fluid elimination.
  • Inhibition of lipogenesis, that is, they help you burn fats.
  • Thermogenic effect. Increase energy expenditure
  • Depurative effect.

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appetite suppress tea

The best appetite suppressant teas that work.

After water, tea is the most popular beverage and also one of the healthiest.

Its medicinal properties have been documented since the third century and its benefits for health and well-being are well known.

This is due to polyphenols, or flavonoids, chemical compounds with antioxidant properties that make tea the healthiest drink after water.

Green tea.

Green tea is a mild appetite suppressant, which causes us to eat less and arrive without anxiety at the main meals.

Scientists at the Health Care Food Research Laboratories conclude that green tea can improve the lipid profile in the body, reduce waist circumference, body fat and blood pressure, resulting in weight loss.
It keeps your blood insulin levels under control, also prevents fat going into the cells and at the same time gradually reduces the body fat index.
Green tea makes insulin better at absorbing excess carbohydrates and beside to curb your appetite.
It is recommended to drink between two and four cups a day.

White tea.

White tea is an infusion that is given from a plant called Camellia sinensis, and is known for its crystalline color and has several properties such as, for example, giving satiety and therefore used to lose weight.

In addition, white tea is also great for speeding up metabolism, which is an important factor in the weight loss process.

It is ok to drink a cup of white tea after breakfast and lunch or between meals, but does not exceed your consumption.

Puerh tea.

Because of its fermentation process, red tea is rich in probiotics, a group of healthy bacteria that control appetite and blood sugar levels, explains the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry.

Also, this drink is a natural remedy against hyperlipidemia, that is, excess cholesterol and triglycerides in the bloodstream, according to a publication of Phytotherapy Research.

Burdock tea.

One of the main effects of burdock infusion is its satiating capacity that owes to the content of inulin, mucilage (carbohydrate) that acts by increasing the volume, producing a feeling of satiety.

To enhance its purifying effect you can combine it with dandelion.

Yerba mate tea.

Inhibits appetite. It is not that drinking Yerba mate takes away your desire to eat, but it does deceive the stomach.

It has satiating capacity that will help not to snack between meals, for example.

Mate reduces the content of Leptin in the blood, a hormone that gives us the appetite signal.

Through this action Mate makes less the desire to eat

Accelerates metabolism, especially when taken in the morning. Therefore, it is ideal to take it at breakfast.

If you drink coffee, it can be a good substitute, in addition, it still contains caffeine, which will recharge your batteries in the morning.

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Tips on how to suppress your appetite.

In addition to everything we have already told you, to avoid overeating there are a series of tips that will help you maintain balance with appetite and allow you to follow a diet without complications.

In addition, they will improve your overall health.

  • Sleep at least eight hours a day, because there is no better way to balance our body than sleeping. It is when our body repairs itself and our appetite is also balanced, because during sleep there is an increase in ghrelin, better known as the hunger hormone. On the other hand, it decreases another hormone called leptin, which is responsible for making us feel full.
  • Always eat at the same time, as this makes your body accustomed to receiving food at the same time and in this way the appetite is balanced. You can also take after eating one of the teas to curb your appetite that we have proposed above.
  • Avoid as much as possible a sedentary life, as your desire to eat will increase. Exercise inside or outside the home 30 minutes, five days a week.

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