12 Awesome Uses For Tea Bags.

Most tea lovers daily miss out on something that can be useful and has multiple uses and today we’ll show you 12 awesome uses for tea bags.

The tea bags already used seem to be something that is no longer functional, but the truth is that it has several really surprising uses.

Despite being used are still organic product and their properties remain.

We know that tea, made with various types of herbs, is often used to control the nervous system, relieve stress, and decrease different types of ailments.

However, beyond this, the sachets used in its elaboration can be used in multiple ways at home, since they retain some of their properties.

Some even promote their reuse, as they represent a greener way to carry out some activities.

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12 Awesome Uses For Tea Bags.


New and wet black tea bags can be applied cold in the sectors where the sunburned on the skin, acting as an anti-inflammatory and providing a sense of relief.

2-Relieve pain from gums.

Maybe one can look a little ridiculous with tea bags in your mouth, but it’s all for relieving gum pain.

Cool 2 to 3 used black tea bags and place them inside your mouth in the affected area for 10 to 15 minutes.

This will soothe the pain of your gums by repeating once a day.

They can also be used to reduce oral inflammation and treat canker sores.

3-Does make meat more tender.

The same tannins present in tea that prevent oxidation also become a meat tenderizer. You just have to marinate the meat in black tea (for best results, prepare a lot of black tea, soak the meat overnight) and you will have a slice of much more tender meat.

4-Puffy eyes.

Teas in general have a wide variety of beneficial properties and not only for our immune system but also for our skin.

Black tea, chamomile tea, or green tea have anti-inflammatory properties that can help us reduce inflammation of the bags that form under the eyes and eyelids.

If they are used they are applied cold and wet since the cold helps to de-inflame, so having used tea bags in the refrigerator always helps.

Tea tannins will help reduce puffiness and relieve tired eyes.

5-For smelly shoes.

We all sweat our feet and if we use the same shoes a lot they will begin to smell bad, the solution is in the used and dried tea bags that are perfect to absorb odors, especially with sneakers.

Also soaking new or used sachets you can wash your feet or let them rest to relax and reduce bad odors.

10 Awesome Uses For Tea Bags.
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More uses for tea bags.

6-To absorb bad odors.

Used and dried tea bags can be used in small or enclosed spaces where unwanted odors can be generated, these are responsible for absorbing these odors.

You can hang 3 to 4 bags behind the door, inside the refrigerator, in the car, in drawers or you can also add a few drops of essential oil or aromatherapy to use it as a natural diffuser and thus put it in the car or bathroom, taking advantage of the thread to hang it.

7-Remove the bad smell from carpets.

If your vacuum cleaner is no longer cleaning a smelly carpet well enough, sprinkle the contents of dried and used tea bags on it.

Let stand for 15 to 20 minutes and then vacuum the residue. The smell will be gone, and if you use a flavored tea, it will be left with a fresh and clean aroma.

8-Cleanse the skin.

Green or chamomile tea are excellent options to cleanse the skin after a day of exposure to the sun or toxins present in the skin.

Its compounds remove impurities from pores and small chemical particles from makeup.

First, boil one or more tea bags in a cup of water, add a couple of drops of lemon juice. At night, when the product is already rested, rub it all over your face. Finally, remove the excesses with a soft cloth.

9-Fertilizer for your garden.

The contents of used tea bags are a large small-scale fertilizer for plants. The contents are added to the soil and mixed a little, delivering a wide variety of nutrients.

If the bag does not have a metal staple, it can be buried directly and covered with the earth.

10-Relieves the pain of insect bites.

Placing a bag of cold tea will relieve the itching produced by the bites of mosquitoes and other insects.

For example, mint tea bags serve and are used to scare away spiders and other rodents.

So now you know, after enjoying a delicious cup of mint tea, leave the teabag in the window or in places prone to having spiders.

Another home remedy for repelling ants, bedbugs, spiders, and other insects is peppermint essential oil.

11-Add shine to your hair and remove dandruff.

Dandruff is a problem that almost everyone faces at some point. A solution that replaces spending money on expensive products is to use tea bags, rinse your hair with tea made from your used bags.

Prepare your favorite tea already used for an hour before rinsing. A daily scalp massage with tea not only removes dandruff but also adds shine to your hair.

12-Remove watermarks on mirrors.

Mirrors are a bit tricky to clean, especially if they have dry water stains.

Soak a cleansing bath cloth with a tea-soaked cloth made from used tea bags. Your mirror will shine like never before.

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