8 Benefits of matcha green tea powder.

Matcha tea has become one of the favorite drinks of  Millenials and all those who care about their health and their physical shape.

Matcha tea is the whole leaf of green tea that after a special process of cultivation, harvesting and drying is ground to obtain a fine and intense green powder as most of the nutrients are left in the tea leaves.

In this post, I’ll give you 8 benefits of matcha green tea powder for you to consider.

Benefits of Matcha Green Powder.


Matcha tea is loaded in flavonoids some very beneficial vegetable that makes it a strong antioxidant.

The catechins of tea restrain the action of free radicals so it limits the aging process and many diseases.

 Improves the immune system. 

Catechins and vitamin C help prevent cancer, toughen the defenses and facilitate the process of natural purification of our organism, hamper fluid retention or eliminating toxins.

 Helps to slim.

It is thanks to this soft laxative effect that makes matcha tea a great ally when it comes to slimming and losing weight because, in addition, it activates the metabolism and favors the burning of calories.

Reduces cholesterol.

Thanks to its antioxidant content, matcha reduces blood sugar and cholesterol levels without elevating insulin levels or blood pressure because it decreases high blood fat levels.

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A cup of matcha tea at breakfast provides energy without the side effects of coffee because it contains protein instead of caffeine.

It also boosts physical endurance.

Detoxifies and helps the digestive system.

The niacin that contains matcha is beneficial for some gastrointestinal disorders, it facilitates the elimination of chemicals and improves digestion.

It is rich in chlorophyll is a potent detoxifying.

it promotes the cleaning of the blood and helps to remove toxins.


Although before we said that matcha tea is energizing it also has soothing properties, improves mood and helps in concentration thanks to L-theanine, an amino acid that promotes relaxation and well-being.

Promotes intestinal passage.
Its high levels of tannins and natural fiber make the intestinal transit better, in a totally natural and simple way.


Its preparation is a ritual.

With a special bamboo spoon called Chashaku, you put a teaspoon in the tea bowl and add a little water not very hot.


  • If you don’t have a bamboo whisk, use a spoon or small wire whisk.
  • Use 1/4 cup water for a thicker matcha or 1/2 cup water for a thinner version.
  • Replace water with your favorite milk (regular, coconut, almond, soy) for a latte.
  • Pour the just prepared matcha over a glass full of ice for an iced tea version.

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