Best Teas for Beginners. My Top 5 and Why?

best teas for beginners
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Best teas for Beginners. My Top 5 and Why?

Green tea is the variety to start with. If regular green tea is too much for you, adding lemon can help.
The simplest option is to add fresh lemon juice to the cup of tea. Another option is to buy green tea mixed with lemon balm, or any variety of lemon.
Any of the options will provide you with the health benefits of green tea, along with the refreshing taste of lemon.
Another advantage is that lemon juice increases our absorption of nutrients that promote the benefits found in green tea.

Chamomile Tea.

Chamomile infusion has long been used for its soothing and stimulating effects on sleep.
On its own, chamomile has a floral and bittersweet taste. With a little honey, you increase its relaxing power.
Chamomile is a wide variety of tea for beginners and you usually find it along with other ingredients such as lavender, cinnamon, or lemon balm.
You can start by drinking a cup of chamomile about an hour or two after dinner as the beginning of the sleep ritual.
It is one of the Best Teas for beginners.
Rooibos is an excellent solution that, also to providing vitamins and minerals, provides energy, and helps to face the day as it should.
It will activate the body and the mind of the person who takes it.

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Milk Tea.

Milk tea is tea with milk. This creates a milder taste and sweetens the tea.
It is a popular way to serve tea in many parts of the world and is an easy way to make a different cup of tea.
There are many regions in the world where milk tea is the default type of tea.
This is most evident in certain parts of India where “tea” usually refers to tea-chai-1té with milk.
To order tea without milk, order a “black tea”.
It can be as simple to make as using mint (or peppermint) from your garden.
To do this, mix in a cup of tea and some sprigs (washed) of mint with hot water and leave them to soak for a few minutes.
Peppermint tea contains no caffeine and is used in traditional medicine to help reduce stomach problems.

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best teas for beginners
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It is proven that tea is beneficial for the body: It helps fight overweight, stimulates the burning of fats, is good for the skin, hair, and nails, is an ally against aging, detoxifies, purifies, and helps prevent cancer as well.
But there is a stronger reason to drink tea every day, and that is, in doing so, we become part of its millenary culture, refinement and good taste and tradition, meetings around tea, or the company of a simple cup.
Drinking tea invites us to take care of ourselves and care more about health, awakens our senses, and stimulates the mind.
Drinking tea is a habit that when it conquers you, becomes a way of life that will never stop fascinating you.
There is so much to discover in a cup of tea, and after a while, you will see what a different way to see this drink.

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Best Teas Infusions for beginners.

Not only teas, but infusions also help us to provide our body with substances with sedative, stimulating, relaxing or therapeutic properties.
Beverages containing dried fruits, flowers, spices, or herbs that do not come from the tea plant are generally called infusion, so they do not have theine either.
The benefits they bring are many, depending on which one.
To prepare a good infusion and keep all the properties of its ingredients we must bring the water to the boiling point (between 90 and 100 degrees) and let stand for at least five minutes.
An example of a variety of infusions that we can find on the market is the infusion of sweet dreams.
The ideal drink to drink before going to bed is if we are going through a period of great stress.
Since it contains plants such as fennel, mint, Melissa, cardamom, lemongrass, or valerian, which have a relaxing and sedative effect.
The so-you-known as rooibos does not contain theine and has a very pleasant taste, being another good option to start you into the world of tea.
I hope you enjoy our latest blog post, Best Teas for Beginners. My Top 5 and Why? Thanks a million.

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