The Best Iced Chai Tea Latte You’ll Ever Make.

In the summertime, you can never have too many iced chai tea lattes. If you’re anything like me, your mornings often consist of a cup of hot tea and some sort of sugar-sweetened beverage to get you going.

While I usually make my chai lattes with milk and sugar, they are also very much a modern-day classic. The best way to drink chai is with an ice-cold latte!

Get ready to change the way you think about iced chai lattes forever; there’s nothing quite like them after work or school when you need that little pick-me-up.

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Why Milk for Tea? Why Milk Makes Tea Better.

How about testing with milk for your tea the next time you have a cup of tea? Alternatively, how about black tea?

Or how about green tea? Yes, all of these inquiries have valid answers.

And the explanation is straightforward: despite being used to slake our thirst for thousands of years, the health advantages of this beverage are just now starting to be understood.

Indulge yourself if you’ve never tried tea before. The most consumed beverage in the world is adaptable and reasonably priced, yet it also has a host of health advantages.

So why do we still wait? Learn why milk enhances tea and how to add it to your everyday routine.

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How to Make Matcha Coconut Milk Latte.

Matcha coconut milk latte stands out among teas because it comes from plants of the best quality and also its elaboration process is extremely careful to preserve its properties intact.

Matcha tea, when ground and dried is a concentrated food, very rich in catechins (powerful antiangiogenic molecules and therefore, anticancer) that in this recipe we dilute in coconut milk.

The Matcha catechins, restrain the action of free radicals, so it limits the aging process and many diseases.

It is loaded with flavonoids, some very beneficial vegetable that makes it a potent antioxidant.

Although we said that matcha tea is energized, it also has soothing properties, improves mood, and helps in concentration thanks to L-theanine, an amino acid that promotes relaxation and well-being.

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Chai Tea. What Is it, Health Benefits and How To Make it.

Chai tea, also called masala chai is a drink originating in South India where it was used in a sacred way to energize the body, activate it, and have the mind alert.

It’s composed of spices such as cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, ginger, vanilla, anise, and of course, black tea

It is thought that this tea was invented more than fifteen hundred years ago as a remedy of Ayurvedic medicine to relieve pain, stimulate digestion and improve circulation.

It was the British when they colonized India, who added black tea to the infusion.

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What is thai milk tea made of?

What is thai milk tea made of?

Thai milk tea is a popular traditional beverage in Thailand that is served hot or cold and is usually prepared with tea, sugar and milk.

While those ingredients don’t sound particularly interesting or unique, the tea blend tends to be a local Ceylon variety, and there are plenty of other ingredients, spices, or alterations that are made, depending on who’s brewing the tea.

It stands out for its dark amber or orange tone, and a top layer of whipped milk.

Does makes a perfect combination of strong tea, with dairy product and sugar.

It serves to refresh us when it is hot and also to accompany the spicy foods, typical of this area of Asia.

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My #1 Chai tea homemade recipe. Plus bonus recipe.

My #1 Chai tea homemade recipe.

Chai is synonymous with “tea” in much of South Asia and elsewhere in the world.

In the West, the word Chai is used to describe the “Masala chai”, a typical drink from the Indian subcontinent.

Masala, as it is known in India, is a mixture of black tea with cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, clove, black pepper, cayenne pepper, and nutmeg.

While the ingredients may vary a little, the taste is still intense, fresh, and a little spicy.

Other potential ingredients include saffron, anise, paprika, almonds, pink petals, or licorice root.

Tea has become wild in the Assam region since ancient times and has historically been used for healing purposes.

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What is Milk Tea?

Milk tea is a combination of the bittersweet taste of strong tea with the creamy intensity of milk.

You can make tea with hot or cold milk, but as winter approaches, we are going to see how a good hot one is prepared for cold days.

Making tea with milk is very easy, quick and delicious, a unique combination.

The milk brings weight, texture and creaminess to this subtle and delicate drink, creating an equally fresh combination.

For many people drink tea with milk was a big issue, is a predominantly western practice, in the east tea is taken alone.

And is that the mixture of milk that is such a complex product, with the delicacy of tea, for many people is strange, for others it is a delight, that delivers more flavor, texture, softens their mornings and gives them a more restful sleep at night.

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