Organic Cranberry Tea.


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Do you like infusions with aroma and fruity taste? Then you’ll love to meet Cranberry Tea.

You’ve probably heard of cranberry tea or have you ever tasted any infusion containing this fruit and you’ve wondered what the benefits or their side effects are.

In addition to enjoying its delicate flavor, you can benefit from its incredible medicinal properties.

What is Cranberry Tea?

This tea is made on the basis of the blueberry fruit, and there are various types of blueberries, the common Cranberry or northern Cranberry, the small Cranberry, the American Cranberry and the Cranberry from the southern mountains, is one of the healthiest foods known, possessing an important nutritional value.

This rich nutrient content is the protagonist of Cranberry properties, which can be of great help to your health.

A simple way you can get your healing benefits is by preparing a delicious blueberry tea.

You may have heard that it is a fruit rich in antioxidants, but did you know that it also postpones the effects of old age, helps your memory and keeps your heart, eyes, and brain health?

These and many other benefits of blueberries you can find them here.

Cranberry Tea Benefits.

Prevents urinary tract infections.

It contains a substance that prevents bacteria from adhering to the bladder tissue, so regular consumption of cranberry tea helps prevent urinary tract infections, bladder inflammation, cystitis, kidneys, prostate, and urethra problems.

Fat burning.

Cranberry tea has some benefits for weight loss as well.

It contains organic acids that actually eat fat deposits, and wash the system.

Regular tea consumption in the combination of a healthy diet can result in weight loss and a healthy body in general.

Good for your brain.

It contains flavonoids that enhance your memory and improve learning and other cognitive functions.

They protect your brain from free radicals that can be harmful to you as they can damage healthy tissue and are generally related to memory loss.

They can also help reduce the risk of having Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s.

Kidney Health.

Cranberry Tea helps cleanse the kidneys from harmful toxins.

It helps in the daily functions of the kidneys that protect them from free radicals and the possible bacteria that cause diseases that can affect the organs.

 Helps blood circulation.

It has also been recommended in treatments for circulation because it has vasodilatory properties, which helps to improve the treatment of varicose veins, hemorrhoids and everything related to the circulatory system.

Good for vision problems.

This infusion has also been used as a healing for vision problems, prevention of blindness by degeneration or diabetes, avoiding night blindness, retinal detachment, astigmatism, cataracts, and diabetic retinopathic.

Brewing Suggestions.                          Cranberry Tea   

For a proper cup of tea.

  • Recommended temperature: 205°
  • Cover and steep to taste.
  • Remove tea bag and enjoy!



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