How To Make Sweet Tea-The Complete Guide.

Looking for a refreshing and easy drink for a hot summer afternoon? This time we will show you how to make sweet tea using only 3 simple ingredients, this is quickly prepared and tastes amazing.

Southern sweet tea is a type of iced tea that is sweetened while brewing, rather than after it is iced.

Is usually black tea that has been sweetened with sugar or a simple syrup mixture. It is brewed while the tea is boiling.

Then mixed with cold water and usually cooled. It can also be flavored with a variety of flavors of your choice.

It is associated with the southern United States, although other cultures around the world make variants of sweet tea.

Some people find sweet tea too difficult to handle, as the traditional level of sweetener is so high.

Others, especially in the south, can’t imagine life without sweet tea, and the drink is ubiquitous in picnics and restaurants throughout the South.

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How To Make Sweet Tea-The Complete Guide.

You have to bring the water to a boil — calculate a quart for 3-4 glasses of cold tea.

While we wait for the teapot to ring, we look for our favorite whole hole tea that has some fruit.

I propose a vanilla black tea or something similar. Pour the water into a kettle, add the filter and introduce about 20g (4-6 teaspoons of black tea).

Let stand 5 minutes that we will dedicate to preparing the sweet.

When we finish with the sweet, and the water has returned to natural temperature, we add the fruit of the recipe (or another combination based on what you have in the fridge), 1-2 tablespoons of brown sugar if you like it sweeter and to the fridge about 20 minutes.

Before serving, don’t forget the ice cubes!


  • You can use any brand of tea you like, as long as it’s black.
  • Serve this immediately on ice or cool it for a few hours and serve.
  • You can season this with different syrups like peach, strawberry, raspberry, etc.
  • Adjust how sweet you want this by adding more or less sugar.

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how to make sweet tea
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What is the difference between southern sweet tea and iced tea?

Both are almost essentially the same, it’s a more regional difference between the two and their names.

It is more of a southern thing, where the tea itself is sweetened with sugar and other aromas.

In the north, no sugar is added to iced tea, but many people choose to add sugar. Both are served cold.

In my opinion, sweet tea is much better than iced tea. I like the sweetness has over iced tea, it’s too bland and bitter for my taste.

The origins of sweet tea in the United States date back at least to the nineteenth century when a recipe for sweet tea was published in a Southern cookbook.

Sweet tea is made with black tea, although sometimes variations are available with green tea or herbal tea.

Some cooks also enjoy making sweet tea with fruit-infused black teas, which can create a very interesting flavor.

It is the best! The weather is warm now, and you need to make this soon to enjoy it with family and friends.

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