How to make your own tea blends.


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How to make your own tea blends.

Thanks to globalization today everything is more at hand than ever before and when it comes to tea, in the market we can find a huge range of possibilities.

Of course, the immediacy of getting a ready-to-use product is appreciated, however, being part of the process of creating something that we like, has no price, and also gives it an added value.

What teas can be mixed?

Well, yes, although the mixtures of a tea or infusion can be made and enhanced benefits, flavors and aromas with their use, the truth is that not all are equally good and it is necessary to take into account a series of rules to obtain delicious mixtures.

In addition, rather than dedicating ourselves to making mixtures ourselves, it is better to go to a herbalist and let us advise by a professional who guides us and points out what are the best combinations of tea to meet our tastes and needs.

What are the benefits of mixing tea?

One of the main benefits of mixing tea is that each and every one of its tea blends picproperties can be enhanced. In addition, in some cases, its particular flavor can be enhanced or softened. The good thing about it all is that through this mixture we can meet each of the needs that our body is demanding.

In the end, this process to mix different varieties of tea involves a relaxing experience that can bring great benefits to our body. The key is to know which infusions to mix and which do not. Each plant has its own properties and in certain cases, these same properties can have the opposite effect than desired.

Basic tips so you can make mixes to your liking.


Design your mix according to the tea pyramid:

Depending on the shape of the pyramid, this is how the combinationcrea-tu-propia-mezcla-de-te-2 develops.

Start with a base ingredient, which will have a larger portion in your mix and so on add other ingredients in smaller proportions to the smallest that would be the peak of the pyramid. It’s really simple.

The base:

It’ll be the main weed you use. To decide what to use, ask yourself first what you’re looking for in this mix.

Do you want something strong? Probably your best bet is black tea. Looking for something soft? Green tea is a great choice.

Whatever your choice, this will be the one that carries the most of your mix. If you’re not sure, try different bases and choose the one you want.

Towards the peak of the pyramid:

A very fun part. Since we have chosen the basis of our mix, it is time to add the following components.

Add the following secondary ingredient in a smaller amount than the base. So it adds the third ingredient in less quantity than the secondary ingredient and so on. You can also try fruits and flowers.

There is no limit to ingredients to be added. The only thing is that you have to be patient to try and see if you’re liking it or not.

There’s nothing wrong with starting over or placing only a few ingredients.

When you’re done, pack the mixture correctly to store it.



Practicing tea Blending or custom tea is easier than you think.

Basically any tea can be customized and acquire a new personality, by incorporating spices, nuts, seeds, flowers…

There is no manual with rules to follow. It will depend only on personal taste and your own limits when it comes to experiencing new flavors.

To consume the blends, it is recommended to use 2 teaspoons of mixture per cup (10 grams approx).

The same amount must be contained per tea bag if you use that format.

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