How green rooibos tea will make you healthier.

Green Rooibos tea

Green, is practically a “Green tea” (without theine) type of Rooibos and is characterized by its slightly acidic flavor, fresh and is also a real pleasure healthy with many valuable ingredients.

Because it contains properties that we also find in tea, but unlike this one does not possess any stimulant.

Therefore, Green Rooibos is especially suitable for children and athletes.

Still, it is also an excellent caffeine-free alternative to green tea, can also be taken by pregnant or hypertensive problems.

One of its most popular uses is an antihistamine, as it treats allergies gently without causing drowsiness.

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Difference between Green and Red Rooibos.

Green Rooibos is not fermented, unlike the red Rooibos.

It should be dried immediately after harvest, and that is why the harvested plants should not be crushed, is not on top of each other

Do not come into contact with water after drying should be rotated and moved permanently.

Still, if during that process, only one error happens, fermentation begins, and the tea becomes red.

Because of the careful manufacturing process and intensification in the workforce.

Green rooibos is slightly more expensive than red rooibos.

The elimination of the fermentation process during production mainly affects the content of tannins and polyphenols.

Other valuable nutrients remain better preserved than in the red rooibos.

Green Rooibos is considerably more antioxidants than red rooibos, as it is in a colder state, and its polyphenols are still intact.

By the careful manufacturing process and intense in the workforce.

The green rooibos is slightly more expensive than the red rooibos.

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Benefits of Green rooibos tea.

The green rooibos is not fermented, only dried.

Therefore, it contains more antioxidants, mineral salts, and vitamin C than fermented (or red) rooibos.

Green Rooibos, containing a large number of antioxidants, protects the body’s cells against damage from oxidative stress.

The latter associated with, among others, cancer, degenerative diseases, cardiovascular disorders, and brain aging.

It is believed to be an excellent natural antihistamine. I mean, useful against allergies.

It has excellent digestive power; it is perfect for the liver.

It’s very good at helping manage stress.

Also, the higher rate of antioxidants could justify its topical use to alleviate skin allergies and eczema.

It encourages increased calorie expenditure.

Accelerates metabolism.

Making it a great fat-burning, and it doesn’t taste as strong as red tea (or Pu Erh) or another of the drinks that help you lose weight.

It is a Diuretic.

Help us to flush fluids that our body retains, and that, especially for women, due to a problem of fluid retention.

A relaxing infusion.

Rooibos is a very relaxing infusion, suitable to relax and help us sleep better thanks to its calms both the body and the mind.

Also, this plant contains magnesium, so it also helps to reduce insomnia.

It is rich in minerals.

Iron, fluoride, potassium, calcium, magnesium, manganese, sodium, and zinc; without forgetting its essential oils.

Which gives it its fruity and sweet taste.

Therefore, it brings excellent nutritional value to your body.

It does not contain theine.

So it can be taken at any time of the day.

Reduces blood pressure.

Rooibos tea relieves stress, nervous tension, and hypertensive conditions.

Hypertension is more commonly known as high blood pressure, and rooibos tea acts as a bronchodilator.

Not can it alleviate respiratory conditions, but it also lowers blood pressure, which can lead to dangerous cardiovascular diseases, such as heart attacks and arteriosclerosis.

Improves bone health.

The Red rooibos tea is rich in calcium, manganese, fluoride, and minerals that help maintain a good bone structure and stronger teeth.

By increasing the bioavailability of minerals in your system, you can reduce your chances of developing conditions such as arthritis, osteoporosis, and chronic joint pain.

Manganese actually works at a deeper level and stimulates the enzymes that are required to build new bones and repair damage.

It helps to recover mineral salts.

What we lose during the exercise and helps us to withstand it better.

Digestive properties.

Another of the excellent features of rooibos is the care of the digestive system.

A cup of this infusion is suitable for relief from nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, constipation, and any other stomach discomfort.

Also, this drink is anti-inflammatory. Therefore, it is very effective at alleviating abdominal swelling.

To slow skin aging.

Rooibos offers benefits for skin treatment and some skin problems such as acne.

Rooibos is rich in zinc and alpha hydroxy acids, chemical compounds widely known in the cosmetic industry, and very rarely found in natural products.

This study compared the effectiveness of several formulas based on natural compounds to reduce skin wrinkles.

The rooibos and tea-based mixture were the most effective for this purpose.

Natural thermogenic.

It significantly increases the temperature of our body, which causes our body to burn more fat by consuming energy.

Muscle recovery.

Since it improves the physical endurance capacity, even when the type of sport we practice or the session we have had is very hard.

Green rooibos tea side effects.

Rooibos is known as African red tea, but has a brother known as green rooibos.

In turn, it presents the same contraindications as those mentioned above and that you have to put a little more attention.

But why? It is because the green rooibos have even more antioxidants than red rooibos since it does not go through the famous oxidation process to which the red rooibos is subjected after being exposed to the sun.

But just as the number of antioxidants emphasizes the care of taking this drink.

It is also much more recommended for the same reason.

Since it is precisely those antioxidants that will help you prevent so many other activities.

So, you can consume it without any problem if you are a healthy person and you are not on chemotherapy treatment or are prone to breast cancer, also remember to drink it responsibly

It’s a safe drink; the key is moderation.

The long-term effects of rooibos tea consumption are not known precisely.

What is known is that sometimes if abused, it can have adverse effects.

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How to prepare the Green Rooibos Tea.

We prepare green rooibos tea equal to red rooibos, the longer the infusion, the yellower/red is its color.

The first thing is to have a quality rooibos tea, by buying it in stores both physical and online.

Above all, forget about the teas that come with a sachet and never buy a drink in which you do not indicate the time you need to infuse.

The temperature of the water, and its expiration date it is the key to enjoy your tea with all the guarantees.

Put the water you need to heat up to the temperature you need.

For this, I recommend the traditional method of heating it in a scoop or ideally in an electric kettle.

There are kettles with functions to be able to heat the water to the right temperature you need.

But if you don’t have one like that, you must get a kitchen thermometer.

Place the right amount of rooibos tea in your teapot infuser or individual infuser if you’re making a cup.

For rooibos, the ideal is about 2.5 grams of tea per cup, although you can adapt the amount to your liking.

When the water is at the right temperature, in this case, and for this rooibos tea.

You need it at 100oC, pour it over the infuser of your cup or teapot, and set a timer to count the minutes that the tea should be infusing the water.

It is the process when the tea comes in contact with oxygen (oxidation).

Still, it does not affect its flavor and ingredients, a strong infusion (2 teaspoons per cup), and longer infusion time of 10 min make green rooibos tea an alternative without téina to black tea.

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