Is Red tea good for your health.

Red tea or Pu Erh tea originates from the Pu-Erh area, a village in China located in the southwestern part of the country, in the Yunnan district.

This is where these trees grow and according to the stories, there are trees thousands of years old.

It is a perfect region for growing tea as there is no frost and its climate varies very little throughout the year.

Yunnan is mountainous, so it’s called “the tea mountains”

Red tea or Pu Erh tea is made from the leaves and stalks of Camellia sinensis.

A plant from which many other teas are put together.

In the case of red tea, it is characterized by having a sweeter taste than the rest and being stimulated by having theine and caffeine.

In addition to providing a wide variety of health benefits.

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15 Benefits of drinking tea every day.

The list of health benefits of tea every day is long, and here you will find some of the essential benefits that would help you to keep your mind and body healthier. Daily tea consumption is very beneficial for your health.

Catechins and their other components are directly related to reducing aging and inflammation, each type of tea has demonstrated a specific application for different types of cancer.

Because of the caffeine richness of tea, about 40 milligrams per cup, it has been proven to help speed up metabolism and that’s beneficial, for example, when you want to lose weight.

You should be careful with your intake and not exceed recommended doses, as caffeine can impair your attention and disrupt your behavior.

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How to make turmeric tea. Plus benefits.

Turmeric is a spice native to India that is valued for its slightly spicy taste and medicinal properties. However, it can also be consumed in rich turmeric tea.

Among its uses within gastronomy, it stands out as the main ingredient of curry, golden milk, or yellow rice.

It has been attributed to anti-inflammatory virtues, antioxidants, digestives, carminatives, hepatoprotective, liver-level detoxifies, antiulcer, cardioprotective, and, in some sources, is also noted as an antitumor.

The liver, heart, digestive system, immune system, and skin are the great beneficiaries of possible treatments with turmeric.

It has been shown that the compounds (curcumin) in the turmeric root have very favorable properties for the proper functioning of our organisms.

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The 11 best tea for liver cleansing.

Taking care of your body from within helping the liver to perform its functions better with the food it needs. Perhaps tea for liver cleansing is one of the best options.

It means that people can get herbal tea benefits when they try to detoxify their body and restore good health and liver condition.

The liver is the main organ for cleansing. It is the largest internal organ and has a very important function of the body.

Indeed, it performs the function of filtering blood day and night to remove toxins.

Cleansing is a vital series of processes that keep the body healthy and free of toxic substances that can cause disease.

If there is any type of alteration, it can cause imbalances such as excess estrogen, defective insulin production, and much more.

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What kind of tea is good for a cold.

If you start to experience a widespread feeling of discomfort accompanied by sore throat and cough and you want to get rid of those terrible symptoms, is time to find a good tea for a cold.

To speed up the recovery process a little, you can resort to some home remedies for the flu whose effectiveness has been tested for years.

It is something healthy because the flu lowers the body’s defenses.

The tea infusion is a natural solution ideal when we have a cold.

It helps us to reduce nasal congestion and also relieves throat irritation.

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Best teas to help you sleep.

If you’re looking for teas to help you get a better night’s sleep. You’ll definitely have to forget about drinking coffee at night and instead have a cup of tea if what you want is falling asleep quickly.

This means that if you have a coffee in the afternoon-night, it is almost certain that you will take this time to fall asleep.

Don’t forget that caffeine is also found in soda pops, chocolate, some medications, and even teas or infusions.

So also avoid them hours before you go to bed.

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The 10 best tea for gut health.

One of the best ways to keep your gut health regulated is to include tea in your diet, and, as a consequence, feel good and at ease.

The heaviness of the stomach, heartburn or general discomfort are some of the main consequences of following irregular eating habits, eating in abundance, ingesting certain medications, suffering the emotional ups and downs.

The digestive system is one of the most sensitive parts of the body to change and emotions.

Therefore, there is a large percentage of the population that, when nervous, suffers from stomach upset or diarrhea.

In any case, it is important that, if the symptoms of discomfort worsen, we seek the advice of a professional, behind those symptoms there may be an ailment.

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What teas are low in caffeine?

Making a list that accurately refines the types of teas low in caffeine is almost impossible.

Caffeine in tea is certainly a controversial topic because belief-based misinformation abounds.

Many of them are spread by trademarks that only intend to use them to sell more.

Let’s see what is true and myth, if there are teas with low caffeine, and if we can differentiate them.

Surely you get some surprises. Take this article as a series of recommendations that you should compare to your own tolerance for caffeine.

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The 10 healthiest teas and their benefits.

Lately, many of the benefits of teas for our body have been made known and in this way their consumption has spread throughout the world.

The fact of preparing an infusion is a custom that is gradually gaining ground on coffee, with many people who prefer its consumption.

Due to the lower level of stimulant substances or the different properties to improve a certain condition such as gastrointestinal problems, insomnia problems or many others.

A few years ago, the consumption of teas was concentrated in certain cultures, such as English or Arab culture.

Where this custom is deeply rooted.

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