10 Amazing Holy Basil Tea Benefits.

Holy Basil tea is also known as Tulsi tea can provide a good amount of benefits to overall health.

It does stand out above all as an ally for your digestion. But also as good support to combat pain and general discomfort.

It is attributed to digestive, aperitive, carminative, antispasmodic, anti-inflammatory, diuretic, analgesic, antiseptic, antibacterial, antitussive, vermifuge, insecticide, and healing properties.

It is used as a recurring addition in Mediterranean cuisine, which is one of the most recommended diets by nutrition specialists.

However, one of its most common uses is tea.

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Senna tea- When to take it, benefits and side effects!

Senna is a plant native to tropical Africa and India that has been used to solve constipation problems due to its powerful laxative effects.

And is currently also being a remedy used for weight loss for its diuretic and depurative properties.

However, it is not recommended to use it for a long time or excessive, as it could cause severe intestinal problems and other conditions that affect the health of the body in general.

Senna tea is known for its high depurative and detoxifying power of the body, hence it has always been used as a slimming herb.

This type of herb is consumed in infusion and it is necessary to be constant to be able to notice its effects on the organism.

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What are the effects of CBD tea? Updated.

Whether you’re suffering from, a medical condition like glaucoma or epilepsy, or just want to improve your already stable health, CBD tea is an ally for everyone who cares about your health.

Just as there are hundreds of teas with spices and flowers, it is also possible to make cannabis tea or CBD tea.

This infusion also has medicinal effects and provides great health benefits, an alternative for those who do not want to smoke it.

In today’s world, cannabis culture is growing rapidly, and groundbreaking scientific work is being carried out around the world.

We are learning that there is still much more to discover about the contents of this magical plant.

One of the greatest discoveries made by modern research has to do with the second most concentrated cannabinoid — cannabidiol abbreviated CBD.

If only a quarter of what researchers are saying about CBD is true, this discovery can have as great an impact on modern natural medicine as the discovery of antibiotics.

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The 8 best moringa tea health benefits.

Lately, we have heard about Moringa tea’s health benefits, and for those of us not familiar with the subject, it is not difficult to understand why there is so much fuss about it.

This plant, native to Africa and India, has the peculiarity that each of its parts is beneficial for human health.

These are dried at low temperatures to preserve their nutritional richness.

Then they are pulverized, and the resulting product can be used directly to make the concoction or to be collected in sachets, a method more used when having tea.

If you want to know why it’s healthy to drink Moringa tea assiduously, I invite you to continue reading about the properties of the drink.

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What are the healthiest herbal teas there are?

Today we will look into the healthiest herbal teas there are. Infusions have been known since yesteryear for their medicinal benefits as well as for their tasty taste.

Since ancient times, gastronomy has benefited from the goodness of wild herbs.

Although many people talk about herbal teas like Chamomile tea, Linden tea, etc.

You should remember that the only infusion made with Camellia sinensis leaves is tea.

Luckily, nature offers us a world of herbs and plants, each of which has its own active ingredients, which, if used properly, can bring numerous benefits to our health.

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How to lose weight with herbal tea?

To take advantage of the properties that could help us lose weight with herbal tea. Today, we’ll talk about herbal tea that can be a perfect help when it comes to burning fat, controlling weight, and draining and toning your body.

Diet and physical exercise are the foundations of a weight loss plan.

Only if you reduce caloric intake and carry out a training plan that burns calories and fats and increases muscle mass will you be able to lose weight in a healthy and maintained way.

But you can also use medicinal herbs: infusions that help you control hunger, eliminate liquids or burn more fat.

Let’s discover its benefits!

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What is herbal tea?

What is herbal tea?

Herbalists have existed for thousands of years, even before the advent of agriculture; there is even evidence in archaeological discoveries of the use of plants for healing purposes.

In general, our pantry can have a good quantity of raw materials that can be used for preventative and healing purposes.

In order to make use of a lot of our natural resources to have a healthier lifestyle and be used in the preparation of food and drinks daily.

But the most important thing about all these products is to know how we can use them for our health.

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What lemongrass tea is good for?

What lemongrass tea is good for?

Lemongrass is a plant with long leaves (they can reach more than 1 meter) popularly known as lemon balm.

Regardless of the name by which you know it, lemongrass tea benefits and properties for your health are well known and documented.

This plant also has other names such as Lemon balm, Lemongrass, lemon cane, Cedron (Argentina) and Yerba Luisa or Herb Luisa (Chile, Ecuador and Peru) and its scientific name is Cymbopogon citratus.

Lemongrass or lemongrass is an herb native to Sri Lanka and southern India.

it is characterized by having a lemon fragrance that gives it a definite citrus flavor, with a soft and sweet touch.

Which fills it with qualities that fill Asian cuisine with flavors.

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How To Make Tea Blends. DIY.

Tea blends DIY.

Thanks to globalization today everything is more at hand than ever before and when it comes to tea, in the market we can find a huge range of possibilities.

Of course, the immediacy of getting a ready-to-use product is appreciated, however, being part of the process of creating something that we like, has no price, and also gives it an added value.

We call blending or blends of Tea the products that at its base contain the plant Camellia Sinensis mixed.

The recipe was born of the inspiration of the blender, with other ingredients, such as dried fruits, spices, essences, flowers, etc.

When DIY tea blends, the tea blender, will carry out different tests trying to highlight sensory the aromas and flavors of the chosen tea.

Each variety of tea is usually combined with flowers or spices.

This black tea can be perfectly combined with ingredients such as spices, flowers, fruits, nuts, etc.

White teas, with white fruits, rose petals. Green teas combine perfectly with jasmine, toasted rice, citrus, and tropical fruits.

The Pu Erh, with chrysanthemums, ginger, and spices.

There is nothing written and everyone can prepare and customize their teas as they like, you will simply have to know a little with which they combine better.

Excess citrus as an example, it can make our blend only pleasant to the palate, for ourselves.

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Can I put Matcha tea in a Smoothie?

Can I put Matcha tea in a Smoothie?

The answer to this question is yes, you can pour Matcha tea into a smoothie.

In addition to a delightful flavor and a wide variety of ways to do it, is also packed with health benefits.

For the past few years, Green juices or Smoothies have gained great popularity among those looking to take care of their health.

Especially during this pandemic season, when it has become more than necessary to strengthen defenses and stay healthy.

In general, green smoothies have a lot of benefits.

Since these include various green leafy vegetables, which have been characterized by their great contribution of vitamins, fiber, and antioxidants.

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