Is Tea Popular in America? Tea the USA Drink, With Data!

The fact that tea is the second most popular beverage globally, after water, is public knowledge. In recent decades, tea consumption has increased and the United States has not escaped that trend.

In fact, according to statistics data, it is present in almost 80% of American households.

With the exception that most Americans still prefer to drink ice tea, in its different varieties.

The Beginnings of Tea in America.

Around the year 1650, Dutch merchants brought tea to New York, which was then called New Amsterdam.

With time, the locals began to appreciate tea and this drink began to become popular, mainly by the hand of the English who lived in the city.

However, the real nerve center of tea growth in the United States was the city of Boston, home to the famous tea party.

Faced with the popularization of tea, the British government decided to impose high taxes on goods brought to the colonies.

Thus, in the year 1,773, there was the famous Boston Tea Party, a protest against these taxes that meant that more than 3,000 boxes of tea went to the bottom of the sea

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Tea the USA Drink.

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Is Tea Popular in America?

According to figures from the International Tea Committee, the USA is the third-largest importer worldwide and 4 out of 5 Americans consume this drink, being more common among the segment of 17 to 35 years, as 87% of them say they drink tea.

The dominant product among U.S. consumers is fruit/herbal tea, followed by black tea.

Other interesting data from the Association shows that Americans consume more than 80 billion servings of tea or more than 3.6 billion gallons.

About 84% of all tea consumed was Black Tea, 15% was green tea, and the remaining small amount was Oolong, white and dark tea.

Approximately four out of five consumers drink tea, most of them the so-called Millennials, young people between 18 and 30 years old; and 85% of the tea consumed in the United States is iced tea.

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Tea the USA Drink, With Data!

Legend has it that it was at the World’s Fair in St. Louis, the United States in 1904 that the tea merchant Richard Blechynden “invented” the drink when he saw that people did not try his tea because it was an extremely hot day, that was why he thought of adding ice to the infusion.

The success was such that the drink transcended and today 85% of tea consumption in the United States is made in the form of an iced drink.

The preference to drink iced tea is always present and has been maintained over time.

It is an innate fact and referent of American culture.

More than 65% of tea made in the United States is brewed using tea bags.

The practicality that this form of preparation gives is preferred over the classic infusion of strands.

This fact is reinforced by the great inclination that exists to use iced tea mixtures.

A quarter of the tea consumed is prepared that way.

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Is Tea Popular in America?

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Fun Facts.

In America, the consumption of iced tea increases especially in the southern states due to their extremely hot climate.

Although we have already talked about the legend of the St. Louis Fair, there is a printed recipe dating from 1870 where he realizes the custom of drinking it since then.

Its consumption is so popular that it has even given rise to one of the most famous cocktails in the world: Long Island Iced Tea invented in 1961 in New York and which has among its ingredients iced tea, rum, vodka, gin, tequila, and triple sec.

There is another tea-based drink extremely popular among our neighbors to the north: Arnold Palmer tee, which was invented by the famous golfer of the same name.

This consists of mixing in a jar equal parts black iced tea and lemonade; it is said to be the ideal drink to refresh after a morning of golf.

Hot or cold, do not miss the opportunity to enjoy when you can a glass of tea to take advantage of all its antioxidant benefits, and in this way take away the heat and do a good to your body, which will thank you very much.

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