What type of tea is good for pregnancy?

Moderate consumption of tea during pregnancy and lactation can be highly recommended if we choose the most suitable ones, which give you health benefits.

In addition, it can help you to increase our water consumption, as well as to replace other less recommended beverages, such as coffee, soft drinks with gas and sugar.

Very often, people label infusions and tea as a healthy and harmless type of beverage.

Infusions and teas have some properties that make them apt or not for certain things.

During this period, the accepted general recommendations are to drink a lot of water and juices.

Therefore, they are not harmless, and, when pregnant, you must take special precautions.

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My #1 Chai tea homemade recipe. Plus bonus recipe.

My #1 Chai tea homemade recipe.

Chai is synonymous with “tea” in much of South Asia and elsewhere in the world.

In the West, the word Chai is used to describe the “Masala chai”, a typical drink from the Indian subcontinent.

Masala, as it is known in India, is a mixture of black tea with cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, clove, black pepper, cayenne pepper, and nutmeg.

While the ingredients may vary a little, the taste is still intense, fresh, and a little spicy.

Other potential ingredients include saffron, anise, paprika, almonds, pink petals, or licorice root.

Tea has become wild in the Assam region since ancient times and has historically been used for healing purposes.

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What tea is good for breakfast?

What tea is good for breakfast?

Tea is a great drink for breakfast for its relaxing and at the same time stimulating properties, naturally can reduce heaviness and activate the nervous system and thus give us that spark to start the day, so many recommend accompanying the breakfast with a good cup of tea.

There are many who cannot leave the house without a cup of coffee in their veins, however, more and more we appreciate the benefits that tea for breakfast brings us as an alternative to classic coffee; even more so when we discover that there are many types of tea to vary throughout the week and thus make the breakfasts less monotonous.

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9 best metabolism boosting tea.

9 best metabolism boosting tea.

Having an accelerated metabolic rhythm is a great advantage, especially when it comes to losing weight or maintaining your figure.

Today I will give you a few options that can help you boost your metabolism.

Metabolism is a set of physical and chemical processes that occur in our body.

Through which nutrients obtained from food are converted into energy necessary for the proper functioning of the body.

Many infusions and teas will reduce anxiety, soothe appetite, and have a satiating effect.

That’s why they’re our best allies when it comes to losing those extra pounds while boosting your metabolism!

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The Best Teas For Athletes To Drink.

The best teas for athletes to drink.

During exercises, our body consumed about 20 times more oxygen than in normal conditions.

Which produces a lot of free radicals that can damage the cells, causing diseases.

It is already known that physical training, whatever it may be, helps to increase basal metabolism.

In addition to burning calories during movement, allows the caloric expenditure to be higher, even when at rest.

But there are certain functional ingredients that, by eating food.

Can accentuate this thermogenic effect that allows you to burn more calories.

Tea contains numerous polyphenols which in Green tea are fundamentally catechins and in Black tea the oxidized forms of catechins.

Which are potent antioxidants, which help neutralize those free radicals, avoiding cell damage.

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