How To Make Sweet Tea-The Complete Guide.

Looking for a refreshing and easy drink for a hot summer afternoon? This time we will show you how to make sweet tea using only 3 simple ingredients, this is quickly prepared and tastes amazing.

Southern sweet tea is a type of iced tea that is sweetened while brewing, rather than after it is iced.

Is usually black tea that has been sweetened with sugar or a simple syrup mixture. It is brewed while the tea is boiling.

Then mixed with cold water and usually cooled. It can also be flavored with a variety of flavors of your choice.

It is associated with the southern United States, although other cultures around the world make variants of sweet tea.

Some people find sweet tea too difficult to handle, as the traditional level of sweetener is so high.

Others, especially in the south, can’t imagine life without sweet tea, and the drink is ubiquitous in picnics and restaurants throughout the South.

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Iced Tea, What is It, Benefits, Side Effects.

There’s nothing on hot days like sitting on a terrace after a hard day’s work and being able to enjoy a nice glass of iced tea.

Besides being ideal because it is rich, healthy, and refreshing, iced tea can become indispensable in our diet for the multiple benefits it brings.

It is one of the drinks with which the heat is best suffocated in summer.

Iced tea is easy and very fast to prepare, you can do it in many ways and with the most outrageous flavors.

In the summer months, it is a healthy alternative to sugary and sparkling drinks or soft drinks since it has a low energy value, contains caffeine, antioxidants, and different minerals

Iced tea can become indispensable in our diet because of the multiple benefits it brings.

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How does red raspberry leaf tea help fertility?

Since ancient times, red raspberry leaf tea has been used to stimulate fertility in men and women, as it helps balance hormone levels.

Just as the fruit is said to help regulate the menstrual cycle, Red raspberry leaf tea is said to support the function of the uterus and help prevent tension and spasms.

The nutrients in it could help improve uterine muscle tone and prepare your body for labor, making it easier for your baby to be born.

You may also experience a reduced need for interventions such as vacuum-assisted administration or forceps and artificial rupture of membranes.

However, you should exercise caution and consult your doctor before starting to use raspberry leaves.

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What benefits does pomegranate tea have?

The health benefits of pomegranate tea consumption have been mainly associated with the presence of a group of substances called ÔÇÿpolyphenols’, which are very abundant in plant foods and their derivatives such as juices, red wine, and tea.

A fruit, especially rich in polyphenols is pomegranate, these compounds, after being ingested, are transformed by the intestinal flora to give rise to other substances called urolithins which could be responsible for the benefits associated with pomegranate.

Pomegranate has immense medicinal properties and to make the most of them here we tell you how to prepare the famous pomegranate tea and highlight the benefits and properties.

It is usually most commonly used to treat diarrhea, infantile dysentery, intestinal parasites, and gastrointestinal disorders.

However, it is possible to consume it when you are healthy to benefit from all its properties.

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What are the healthiest herbal teas there are?

Today we will look into the healthiest herbal teas there are. Infusions have been known since yesteryear for their medicinal benefits as well as for their tasty taste.

Since ancient times, gastronomy has benefited from the goodness of wild herbs.

Although many people talk about herbal teas like Chamomile tea, Linden tea, etc.

You should remember that the only infusion made with Camellia sinensis leaves is tea.

Luckily, nature offers us a world of herbs and plants, each of which has its own active ingredients, which, if used properly, can bring numerous benefits to our health.

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What are the health benefits of peach tea?

What are the health benefits of peach tea?

The peach is the fruit of the peach tree, a tree of the rosacea family, and is a fruit native to China that has become one of the most cultivated in the world.

Its characteristic skin and color and its sweet taste with an acidic touch make it one of the most consumed fruits.

In addition, it has properties with beneficial effects on health.

From China, the peach tree spreads to Europe through the campaigns of Alexander the Great.

Who brought it from Persia, where it had arrived via the Silk Road.

For a long time, it was believed that he was a native of Persia, which was reflected in his botanical name: Prunus persica.

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What is herbal tea?

What is herbal tea?

Herbalists have existed for thousands of years, even before the advent of agriculture; there is even evidence in archaeological discoveries of the use of plants for healing purposes.

In general, our pantry can have a good quantity of raw materials that can be used for preventative and healing purposes.

In order to make use of a lot of our natural resources to have a healthier lifestyle and be used in the preparation of food and drinks daily.

But the most important thing about all these products is to know how we can use them for our health.

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Why is raspberry leaf tea good for pregnancy?

The active ingredients in raspberry leaf tea encourage contractions and relax during the last weeks of pregnancy.

Raspberry tea is a natural remedy that has been used in traditional obstetrics for a long time.

Obstetricians recommend it during the last weeks of pregnancy to prepare for a birth that is as bearable and less painful as possible.

Raspberry leaf tea, is made with the leaves of this tree, which of the uterus is not at all harmless.

Being a powerful alteration that it is able to contract the uterus.

Therefore, this powerful muscle will have more strength, favoring childbirth and postpartum.

Apart from being a powerful uterotonic, it also contains Vitamin C, Folic Acid, Calcium, Potassium, Magnesium and Flavonoids.

These substances help to purify the liver and kidney.

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How To Make Tea Blends. DIY.

Tea blends DIY.

Thanks to globalization today everything is more at hand than ever before and when it comes to tea, in the market we can find a huge range of possibilities.

Of course, the immediacy of getting a ready-to-use product is appreciated, however, being part of the process of creating something that we like, has no price, and also gives it an added value.

We call blending or blends of Tea the products that at its base contain the plant Camellia Sinensis mixed.

The recipe was born of the inspiration of the blender, with other ingredients, such as dried fruits, spices, essences, flowers, etc.

When DIY tea blends, the tea blender, will carry out different tests trying to highlight sensory the aromas and flavors of the chosen tea.

Each variety of tea is usually combined with flowers or spices.

This black tea can be perfectly combined with ingredients such as spices, flowers, fruits, nuts, etc.

White teas, with white fruits, rose petals. Green teas combine perfectly with jasmine, toasted rice, citrus, and tropical fruits.

The Pu Erh, with chrysanthemums, ginger, and spices.

There is nothing written and everyone can prepare and customize their teas as they like, you will simply have to know a little with which they combine better.

Excess citrus as an example, it can make our blend only pleasant to the palate, for ourselves.

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What does caffeine free tea mean?

What does caffeine-free tea mean?

One of the best-known tea properties is theine or caffeine content.

Caffeine is increasingly becoming a health concern, even for tea drinkers.

Caffeine is a substance widely consumed around the world and, unlike what many people believe, it is not only found in coffee.

This substance, which has psychotropic effects, and for which it becomes addictive for many, acquired its name because it was coffee where it was first discovered.

However, it is also found in other foods such as dark chocolate, some energy drinks, and some teas.

If you decided to quit caffeine on your own or your doctor advised you to reduce your intake.

The first thing you should do is remove black tea and green tea because they contain high levels of caffeine.

Do not get carried away by so-called caffeine-free black tea or caffeine-free organic green tea because they still contain small amounts of it.

Caffeine Free Tea can be enjoyed at any time and come without the chance of keeping you up unnecessarily.

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