Green Rooibos tea health benefits.


green rooibos tea benefits pic Green Rooibos, is practically a “Green tea” (without theine) type of Rooibos and is characterized by its slightly acidic flavor, fresh and is also a very pleasure healthy with many valuable ingredients.

it is not by chance, but because it contains properties that we also find in tea, but unlike this one does not possess any type of stimulant, therefore Green Rooibos is especially suitable for children and athletes, but it is also a wonderful caffeine-free alternative to green tea, can also be taken by pregnant or hypertensive problems.

One of its most popular uses is antihistamine as it treats allergies gently without causing drowsiness.

Difference between Green and Red Rooibos.

green rooibos tea health benefitsThe Green Rooibos is not fermented unlike the red Rooibos and for that purpose should be dried immediately after harvest and this requires very careful management and that is why the harvested plants should not be crushed, not be on top of each other and do not come into contact with water, after drying should be rotated and moved permanently, but if during that process only one error happens, fermentation begins and the tea becomes red.

Because of the careful manufacturing process and intense in the workforce, green rooibos is slightly more expensive than red rooibos.

The elimination of the fermentation process during production especially affects the content of tannins and polyphenols, other valuable nutrients remain better preserved than in the red rooibos.

Green Rooibos is considerably more antioxidants than red rooibos, as it is in a cooler state and its polyphenols are still intact.

The harvest of Rooibos is done in the months of January and February (remember that these days are in the “summer” in South Africa), taking advantage of both stems and leaves.

By the careful manufacturing process and intense in the workforce, the green rooibos is slightly more expensive than the red rooibos.

Health benefits.

green rooibos tea.The green rooibos is not fermented, only dried.

Therefore it contains more antioxidants, mineral salts and vitamin C than fermented (or red) rooibos.

Green Rooibos, containing a large number of antioxidants, protects the body’s cells against damage from oxidative stress, the latter associated with, among others, cancer, degenerative diseases, cardiovascular disorders, and brain aging.

It is believed to be a good natural antihistamine. I mean, good against allergies.

It has great digestive power, it is very good for the liver.

It’s very good at helping manage stress.

Also, the high rate of antioxidants could justify its topical use to alleviate skin allergies and eczema.

In South Africa, it is used in the case of colic and digestive disorders.

 Side effects of Rooibos Tea.

This tea is known for its benefits due to its contribution to antioxidants.

It’s a safe drink, the key is moderation. So far, although studies have been conducted, the long-term effects of rooibos tea consumption are not known exactly.

What is known is that sometimes if abused it can have adverse effects.

How to prepare the Green Rooibos.

We prepare green rooibos tea equal to red rooibos, the longer the infusion, the yellower/red is its color.

It is the process when the tea comes in contact with oxygen (oxidation), but it has no effect on its flavor and ingredients, a strong infusion (2 teaspoons per cup) and the long infusion time of 10 min make green rooibos tea an alternative without téina to black tea.


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