What are the healthiest herbal teas there are?

Today we will look into the healthiest herbal teas there are. Infusions have been known since yesteryear for their medicinal benefits as well as for their tasty taste.

Since ancient times, gastronomy has benefited from the goodness of wild herbs.

Although many people talk about herbal teas like Chamomile tea, Linden tea, etc.

You should remember that the only infusion made with Camellia sinensis leaves is tea.

Luckily, nature offers us a world of herbs and plants, each of which has its own active ingredients, which, if used properly, can bring numerous benefits to our health.

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How long does iced tea last in the fridge?

Tea is without a doubt one of the healthiest beverages with properties more beneficial to the body than there is, but how long does iced tea last in the fridge to remain fresh and healthy?

One of the charms of iced teas is that the drink can be prepared by maceration, although of course, we can still opt for the infusion in which the water needs to be heated.

More precisely, when we make a hot tea, the process is faster and the extraction of polyphenols, as well as antioxidants and theine, is more comprehensive.

On the other hand, cold water, even if the process is slower, gives it high intensity.

Furthermore, many bitter actives, such as tannins, are not soluble in cold water.

As a result, we will get a soft and perfect beverage iced tea.

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The 12 best tea for stress and depression.

Herbal tea is not the best starting point treatment for stress and depression by any means.

However, some studies suggest that they may help improve mood in mild or severe cases.

Stress and depression have become one of the great problems that we all go through at some point or another, a stressful situation is a response of our brain to different situations.

The problem is when this problem overwhelms us very often or for long periods.

According to popular wisdom, since ancient times, herbal remedies have been used to treat depression.

Or, rather, to help relieve emotional discomfort and stress.

While they are not a substitute for medical treatment, their use appears to improve the mood of some people.

as they help to relax the body and fall asleep.

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10 Green tea health benefits on skin and hair.

The incredible benefits and properties of green tea, make this infusion a great ally when we want to recover the shine and vitality on our skin and hair.

Green tea, one of the most renowned infusions, is a specific type of tea called Camellia sinensis.

This variety has not undergone oxidation during processing, unlike black tea, since the leaves are collected fresh and after undergoing drying, they are pressed, rolled, crushed, and finally dried.

The main thing to highlight about the skin has to do with its high content of tannins, flavonoids, and antioxidants in addition to the antimicrobial function that is inherent in this type of infusion.

This type of tea can be taken to aid digestion, lower cholesterol, and detoxify.

It can also be used to treat wounds, clean the skin, tone, or even as a hair bath that strengthens, cleanses, and conditions.

Today we will leave you some tips to use it and beautify your skin and hair.

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What is rosemary tea good for?

Only recently was announced that this plant has many health benefits, therefore, today we want to reveal what is rosemary tea good for.

Rosemary is a shrub that reaches up to 2 meters in height. It grows abundantly creating very branched and thick bushes; its leaves, dark green, are small and similar in shape to those of pine trees.

Its flavor is strong and predominant, so it is an ideal condiment to reduce the flavor of lamb and beef roasts, or in garlic-based sauces.

In addition to its culinary contributions, this herb is also used in the form of tea for its medicinal properties and benefits, which are especially useful for digestive problems.

Sometimes it is accompanied by other herbs such as basil or thyme.

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Why is Thai ice tea so good?

Well-frozen black tea is the traditional Thai ice tea and that is the Thai way to drink tea.

As the name implies, it comes from Thailand, where it is known as ÔÇ£Cha YenÔÇØ if contains milk and as ÔÇ£Cha nu yen,ÔÇØ if the drink is prepared without milk.

Thai Ice Tea is a cold drink made with black tea to which other ingredients are added.

Always contains star anise, and some versions include tamarind, cardamom, vanilla, orange blossom, and other spices.

Some sell it already mixed and add even orange or red dye to make it more eye-catching.

Scented with Asian spices and a touch of condensed milk, on an ice layer, it’s sweetly refreshing.

The original recipe is an explosion of calories. Still, we can take it to a diet version as an alternative for those who are committed to a low-calorie diet.

Three types of milk are used for its preparation: evaporated, coconut, and condensed, being together gives it a great taste and a creamy appearance.

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The Best teas to relax muscles.

In the face of chronic problems in the musculature or joints; massages, a healthy and balanced diet, lifestyle changes, and herbal teas can help to relax your aching muscles.

Muscle relaxants are drugs used to combat muscle tension, spasms, and other common ailments that often affect the range of motion of areas such as the back, neck, hips, and so on. What are natural muscle relaxers?

There are a wide variety of naturally derived ingredients that provide a similar effect to conventional muscle relaxants.

However, they are not an alternative to drugs and their effect tends to be more moderate.

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Is Red tea good for your health.

Red tea or Pu Erh tea originates from the Pu-Erh area, a village in China located in the southwestern part of the country, in the Yunnan district.

This is where these trees grow and according to the stories, there are trees thousands of years old.

It is a perfect region for growing tea as there is no frost and its climate varies very little throughout the year.

Yunnan is mountainous, so it’s called “the tea mountains”

Red tea or Pu Erh tea is made from the leaves and stalks of Camellia sinensis.

A plant from which many other teas are put together.

In the case of red tea, it is characterized by having a sweeter taste than the rest and being stimulated by having theine and caffeine.

In addition to providing a wide variety of health benefits.

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15 Benefits of drinking tea every day.

The list of health benefits of tea every day is long, and here you will find some of the essential benefits that would help you to keep your mind and body healthier. Daily tea consumption is very beneficial for your health.

Catechins and their other components are directly related to reducing aging and inflammation, each type of tea has demonstrated a specific application for different types of cancer.

Because of the caffeine richness of tea, about 40 milligrams per cup, it has been proven to help speed up metabolism and that’s beneficial, for example, when you want to lose weight.

You should be careful with your intake and not exceed recommended doses, as caffeine can impair your attention and disrupt your behavior.

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